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themselves as I have learned to do with my son. This is a support community to educate and inform all of natural supplements that helps minimize crisis and my goal is to help everyone who has questions and who is affected by SS Disease or the Trait. Together we can come together and make a change. "Knowledge is Power"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

B Vitamins and Sickle Cell Disease

All vitamins work together with each other to give the body the proper function it needs.  In this case, vitamin B12 works better along with B6 and Folic Acid to control Homocysteine levels, which can lead to strokes.

Homocysteine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in blood plasma.  It is broken down in the body through two metabolic pathways. The chemical changes that must occur to break down homocysteine require the presence of folic acid (also called folate) and vitamins B6 and B12. The level of homocysteine in the blood is influenced by the presence of these substances.

Vitamin B12 is is a water-soluble vitamin needed for normal nerve cell activity, DNA replication, and production of the mood-affecting substance. Vitamin B12 acts with folic acid and vitamin B6 to control homocysteine levels. An excess of homocysteine is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and potentially other diseases such as osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. please see chart below.

Homocysteine in sickle cell disease: relationship to stroke.



  1. Good information! I give my son the Blue Bonnet brand of liquid B-12 & Folic Acid. I also give him a separate dose of B-6 with his multivitamin. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I just picked up liquid b12 and folic today along with b6 so I'm excited to start those vitamins! Both my boys appointment is on oct 1 - so I will update on how that goes

  2. How did your boys appointment go yesterday?

  3. Hi,

    Ok, here goes my book:-)

    My SC baby hemoglobin is 11.7 and his retic count is 3.3 so he's doing great! My SS son hemoglobin is 7.7 and his retic count is 12, so he is making red blood cells really good so he's also doing great! Now, if his retic count was severely low that would mean he is not making red blood cells which will cause his hemoglobin to drop, which would cause serious complications and he would need a blood transfusion. So with that said, even though his hemoglobin is 7.7, with sickle cell disease this is still a good hemoglobin count and even better that he is making new red blood cells just fine.

    Someone asked me awhile back do i discuss with my child's hematologist the herbs I give him and I said no, I will let them know what I'm giving him but the conversation has never been up for discussion with me and my child's doctor because they have never been concerned or open to hear about what i'm doing, and you can pretty much sense that while talking to the doctor. Now, if the doctor was open to listening, of course I would explain.

    This is what the doctor said, your boys are doing great, no issues with their blood work, now i will tell you that you need to give your SS child penicillin, i strongly urge you to do that, we had 2 kids died this year because he wasn't taking his penicillin and they caught a serious infection...

    Ok, so that conversation scared me a little, I did take the prescription and will get it filled for my SS child. The worst side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, sore mouth, so I can deal with these side effects better than some of the other side effects in some meds, if I notice any of this happening then he will come off. He did take penicillin for a year with no problems, we are getting into flu season and i will go ahead and do it. What I don't understand is, so after age 5, he doesn't take it anymore, so why?? a year later he can't get the same really bad infection that can seriously cause him harm? so when I go back in january to have his TCD ultrasound test done, I will ask these questions.

    Then she proceeded to go down the list of herbs, she said; we did a study on B12 and folic acid and they cannot help with sickle cell so you are wasting money with the research and study that we did already, vitamin C doesn't do anything to help sickle cell either. Now mind you she made no comments on liquid chlorophyll, nattokinase, nor colostrum she probably didn't know any info on them to comment. I truly understand these doctors have no clue when it comes to natural things. I agree with her that B12 and folic may not minimize crisis by themselves. You cannot ONLY take folic and b12 and think you are going to help sickle cell crisis, this is a serious blood disease and you will need more things along with those B vitamins to help the entire situation. You need herbs for blood circulation, for increase oxygen, for raising hemoglobin, you need herbs for your immune system, for your digestive (probiotics) you need to change the way you eat, no processed foods and drink, - so there are alot of things to consider when you are trying to resolve or minimize crisis. But i was not about to go there. My son was sick all of 2010 and he's been a year and a half of no sickness and not one time did anyone say "wow" tamika that's great, what are you doing?

    So I will continue to give my son's their herbs daily and continue them on eating and drinking healthy:-) I bought a coconut, so i will puncture a whole in it and get the coconut water out and see how that taste compared to the bought coconut water:-)

    have a great day!!!

    1. Hi, I reading your blogs! I always learn something new! My consultant met with me the other day. My baby was born on the 21st sept. He seems so healthy now it saddens me to know that his blood will change and what the risks are. My consultant wants him to start taking penicillin from 6weeks old. I am not sure what to do as he can't start taking herbs and supplements like liquid chlorophyll until he is 1? Did u give Aiden penicillin? What can I start giving him to protect his immune system from 6months? Also what do u give your children for pain relief? My consultant said calpol!

    2. Hi Charmaine, i am so sorry please forgive me for the delay - if you need to ask me questions please email me at tamikamoseley@hotmail.com - your baby will be fine because you know there are natural supplements he can take and he will be strong and not suffer from sickle cell just like my son and also just like all the other people in the UK, and in Africa who is taking EF now. Go ahead and give him the penicillin because he is so young right now you don't want anything to happen.. penicillin will be fine to give for a year.. I stopped giving Aiden penicillin once i started treating him with herbs so around 2 yrs old and honestly i stopped the penicillin before that... i give my kids liquid astragalus to protect their immune system now and some anti viral herbs from Dr Ware but your child is too young right now... what you can do is order some infant immune booster products from amazon

    3. here is one example of an infant immune booster http://www.swansonvitamins.com/childlife-essentials-first-defense-4-fl-oz-liquid?SourceCode=INTL405&CAWELAID=1269608300&catargetid=530002460000089570&cadevice=c&mkwid=dCsiK6WU&pcrid=54515406967&gclid=Cj0KEQjwq52iBRDEvrC12Jnz6coBEiQA2otXAmGHmnid45uyuoK5Mw4cnMkA3RoZDza9wCRLxCUZgSgaArEw8P8HAQ

    4. Charmaine, you cannot give this until he is 6 months old..

  4. Lol! my first name is Tamika, my middle name is Nicole.. I just thought you would say "who is tamika"

  5. I am always dismayed at the quick dismissal of an alternative approach from doctors. The proof is in the health & numbers. How could it be overlooked 2010 vs 2011 & 2012 = improved health for your son. How is it the B12, folic acid, Vitamin C (or the other herbs)doesn't aid in the overall health or improvement of a health condition such as sickle cell? That is non-sense to me. Do you plan to discontinue the B vitamins, folic acid, or Vitamin C? On a different note, that is such good news about both of your sons, particularly the retic count for your SS baby. My son has an appointment toward the end of this month. I will update you later.

  6. Of course not, they will continue to take B12, folic and vitamin C.. I was just saying b vitamins alone by themselves may not minimize crisis because the body needs more minerals and nutrients along with that to fight sickle cell. I just blogged about Priapism and sickle cell, she did talk to me about that a well and i've read about that, when your child has erections for long periods they should seek medical attention soon as possible. I'm thinking Nattokinase-Serrepeptase can aid with this but I need to do a little more research.
    Ok, let me know how your appointment goes..

  7. Tamika, i am extremely wowed by this good news on your both sons.
    Will write more tomorrow but i just thought that for now, let it suffice to rejoice together on this.


  8. Thank you Ush - talk to you soon. How is your daughter?

  9. She is doing fine after yet another not-so-good weekend ( last weekend).

    You know, I used to get her the pennidural ( pen V injection) every month since she was 3Mo , as per her Dr's advice.
    At some point, upon further consultations with Drs here, they advised me to slow down on the injections since she has grown a bit and that injections can be traumatic for the baby as long as she can take the pen V orally.
    I obliged so in June this year, I started giving her oral pen V.

    First , she seemed to take it without fights but later on, it was traumatic even more than the injections. However, i still stuck to them seeing that I am saving her from the pricking.

    But, I am not sure if it is just a coincidence or not because it is during this period of shifting where I have witnessed more infections than before to the extent that I am almost running dry of tears!!
    We have been to hospital for virals about 5 times!

    So I have made a declaration to return to Injections this week as last week she got a viral attack and she was so sick and dehydrated that we were admitted and she was on IV fluid and Rocephin injections for the infection.

    Imagine the CRP readings went to 200!

    Sorry for this 'thesis' sort of writing but what I still believe is that, we can manage this situation, together with peers and friends like you Tamika, through sharing of our daily lives and what we do to circumvent this challenge.
    I do believe that God is on our side too as nothing is bigger than Thee!

    Her Hb is good , at 8.9 and the CRP has normalised.
    I am trying to ensure her hydration . She hasn't fallen in love completely with the coconut water but I know this is one point that I need to pull up my socks as we have plenty of coconuts ( natural) in this side of the world.

    I use the Chrolophyll ( De Souza) in her drinks; i make natural juices for her and she takes them heartily.
    I am also trying to make her drink some garlic drops every other day ( just started yesterday) , that will alternate with a tablespoon of honey.
    Vegetables both natural and my Forever Living supplement tablet of Fields of Green ( that she loves) as well as B12 and folic.

    I have tried looking for Colostrum and Nattekinase here in our country but I think I have to look elsewhere just as I did for Chlorophyll.
    A lot of activities but , all is well.

    Sometimes I cry as a way to vent out but the race is on. I feel tired as I am operating solo ( her father decided to mute on us , i think even after knowing her status) but still God massages my heart and I do believe that we shall overcome.

    Sorry Tamika for turning your blog into my venting board but you don't know how relieved and at peace I feel when I visit here and see/share!

    So thankfully,

  10. Wow, Ush i'm sorry. Ok the injections does have more side effects than the oral penicillin. Does she go to school or daycare? What does she like to drink, what's her favorite drink? She's dehydrated so she's not liking the fluids you are giving her? Is she still breastfeeding?
    I know how hard this is and I am constantly praying for you all, if we can get to the root of her infections and get that under control i think she would be better. That's great she takes the Fields of Green, B12 and Folic happily.. Keep that going along with the chlorophyll.

    Ok, I found this website that will ship to Tanzania, I emailed their customer service line and she confirmed. Here is the webiste:

    Check it out and see if you've heard of them.

  11. Please, you don't have to apologize for venting:-) this is why I created this blog so we can vent to each other and help each other through difficult times...
    I am always here to listen and research and help out as much as I possibly can

  12. Thank You Tami.
    I am reading this with tears in my eyes. I am so teary!
    Thank you for all that.
    I will continue with the folic, fluids et al.

    I am just confused at the series of viral infections because, she is not on day care or school. I delayed that on purpose, since I have a nanny at home but more so, despite the advantage of going to school ( though she is only 16mo) such as socialisation and others, i think that can wait a bit to avert some challenges associated with interactions.

    But still, the infections are with us!
    We are maintaining above the bar hygienic status ( not chest-thumping, but that's the truth). So I dont know really.
    Just keep on praying for us, as at times ( most of the time) strength within me is zero!

    Today, we went for our pennidural injection ( revival). To take advantage of our presence at the clinic, I took the blood tests.
    Imagine the CRP is normal /very good. ( at 17) but the Hb has dropped to 6 from 8.9 last week!

    So here I am just confused.

    Thank you

  13. Hi Ush if her hemoglobin continues to drop and shes not making any red blood cells she will need a blood transfusion. Has the doctor discussed this with you? Write back and let me know.

    1. Are there any visible signs that occur when hemoglobin is dropping?

    2. No there is not, the only way to tell is to take blood work (CBC) at the doctor. The times Aiden hemoglobin dropped all started from a fever and taking him in to Childrens. It seems to only drop if there is an infection going on in the body.

  14. Ask the doctor about Hepatitis A and E? Schistosomiasis, Ebola, Tuberculosis, i'm just researching online trying to see what outbreaks are out there,

    what are her symptoms?

  15. Also west Nile virus we have an outbreak of that here in my city

  16. Greetings Nicole,

    I started following your blog a short while ago. I’m here because my bright and beautiful six-year old daughter has SC. We have had more than our share of hospital visits, the first being the scariest with a swollen spleen. That being said, as time passes, we’ve grown wiser to triggers but still seem to fall short in extending the healthy times.

    Your blog mirrors many of my own thoughts, especially along the line of Western medicine not being the only option. I’m happy to say that our Pediatrician seems to be coming around to those very same thoughts.

    I’m embarking on a better nutritional balance for my family and want to eliminate the processed foods from our home. We’ve done smoothies for some time now and it was a struggle at first. The green color was not a huge selling point, but knowing that we were all getting the essential vitamins and minerals we were not getting otherwise was worth the sacrifice.

    I’ve been searching for the herbs you’ve mentioned and while having found them, my next question/concern is where do I purchase them? I’m having trouble discerning genuine venders and since they are primarily for my daughter, purchasing quality vitamins and herbs are a huge concern. I know this is a crazy question, but is there a better business bureau type organization for this type of thing and I know you mentioned buying locally, but are there other sites you would suggest?

    Thanks for sharing your journey,

  17. Hi,
    I'm sorry to hear about your daughter, was she having Splenic Sequestration Crisis?
    Good to hear your Pediatrician understand natural things, my kids Pediatrician also understands that as well, she's from Indian so she grew up with herbs.. Now, as for their hematologist, no understanding at all.

    I totally understand, my SS son is such a picky eater and he doesn't drink smoothies, he doesn't even like different drinks I juice with my juicer, i know he will grow out of that as he gets older, and the chlorophyll I still put in his sippy cup because it's SO GREEN and if he spills it - the chlorophyll will stain.

    You are exactly right about buying quality herbs, you have to be careful when doing that, especially online. If you go to the Better Business Bureau website and put the company in you can find out about them that way but I know stores like Whole Foods, Central Market, Sprouts are great places to buy herbs and vitamins from, I was in the Vitamin Shoppe last week and bought B12/Folic, Probiotics, Liquid Vitamin C there. I do have local stores in my city like The Natural Health Shop - website: http://www.naturalhealthtx.com/Pages/default.aspx

    This store also sells quality herbs. They don't have a list of herbs on their site but they have everything there and you can call and order, but if you live near Whole Foods or a store like that you are pretty safe as far as quality goes. I have never bought from any other companies online except the ones I just listed.

    I find with sickle cell or SC you have to treat according to the severity of it, of course liquid chlorophyll is a great herb for anyone to take, i give it to all my kids, even my daughter that has the trait. I started out with liquid chlorophyll with my SS son in 2011 and after 8 months he had a pain crisis in his leg that's when I started incorporating more things, in which i started Gingko Biloba. Today I have replaced Ginkgo with Nattokinase-Serrepeptase. I've come a long way and understanding how we need to tackle all parts of what really affects sickle cell disease.

    Thanks for reading my blog:-) Let me know if you have any other questions..

  18. Tami,
    thanks for all that you shared.
    plus the online scratches that you made.

    On the Hb dropping versus Retic count, unfortunately yesterday when i went for her vaccination and hence the premium check that revealed the drop in Hb, the facility does not do the Retic count tests.
    So I am thinking of taking her over the weekend , to a facility that does that.

    The scatter and fragmented medical system here is part of my frustration Tami. But what to do now? I have to soldier on. Because it is almost an impossible thing to get all services under one roof
    And mind you, Sickle Cell Disease in this part of the world still is not that an understood phenomenon, so it is like each one touching this and that but not a comprehension of the whole subject.
    Imagine last week when I went to the facility/clinic where we usually get attended, and seeing the situation my Prettyface was in, it was like they were chasing us. Imagine a Dr saying, you have to go to this XX hospital now as I have to be out by 1pm and I will not be on duty over the weekend! And this is the only Dr that manages the SS babies in that facility!

    I felt like a drained cabbage. And off we were told to go!

    Anyways, I do not want to be seen as if I am nagging or trying to disseminate my frustrations ( Yes I am frustrated) at someone else on my fate, but eish, life can be more bearable than this.


  19. About infections, I will ask the Dr next time we go because, apart from temperatures ( at times) she does not display any other symptoms.

    Also she will refrain from food, and will withdraw from playing and activeness.
    Sometimes, lack of stool - and I say this because, since I started on Chlorophyll and the Fields of Green, we have been assured of a stool at least once a day. No typical day without a pooh.

    So when she goes without one, usually is the manifestation of a futuristic trouble and usually that's the beginning of crying and temperatures.

    Thank you

  20. Bless your heart Ush. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. I know this is very draining, I can't imagine being turned away from certain doctors. What ended up happening? I pray she is doing better now.
    That's good she's having a bowel movement every day.
    Keep in touch....

  21. Hello Nicole ( I like Tamika more though)
    You can sense the tone I am writing with. I am quite elated this week and month as my daughter is doing fine.

    I have been on an enhanced program( for about 1.5weeks now) to ensure that she eats 'innovatively'. In what sense? I ensure that her food intake at any time ensures protection elements ( vitamins , chrolophyll, fruits and even moringa seeds powder) and blood production enhancements ( veggies feature here a lot and red meat and sardines/fish).
    Plus an enhanced fluid intake which almost is natural drinks ( very limited box juices).

    She is a lot happier baby and she has started walking now!
    Also I am writing to register my appreciation for your linking to the Colostrum supplier in South Africa.
    After a week or so of communicating and logistics, I am now holding the Colostrum powder as I am writing this. It has been delivered today and I say, you be blessed Tamika.

    I hope these, plus a seal of prayers will add joy to my angel just like it did to your boys and many other kids.

    God bless you and all others reading and contributing to this blog in one way or the other.

    Sincerely and a better Ush

  22. Hi Ush!!!

    I am so excited to hear she is doing great!!!! Thank God!!!

    What is Moringa seeds? Also, I don't know if I ever mentioned to you but I spoke to someone else that lives in Africa and he feeds his child african foods like sorghum millet yams plantain cassava and groundnuts - He said his child hasn't had an sickling since she's been eating these foods. Just wanted to mention that to you as well:-)

    That's wonderful you have the Colostrum!!!! I am in tears of joy. So glad to hear she is happy and walking, wow! That's awesome.. you have your work cut out for you now running after her:-)

    Thanks Ush...

  23. Oh Tamika,
    Thanks thanks for replying back plus the info on African foods.
    Will try Cassava,plantains and groundnuts.

    How much can a 1.5 yr prettyface be fed of Colostrum?
    As i find instrUctions on 6 year olds onwards on the container.

    Thank you

  24. Since you have capsules, you can give her one capsule once a day on an empty stomach.

    I'm excited about the Millet, I can find that here in the market so I will buy that and start cooking with that:-)

    Do you know what kind of foods to make with Millet? I've never used it before until I read his story.


  25. Is your Colostrum in capsule or powder form?

  26. Tami,
    1. My colostrum is in powder form.

    2. Millet can be prepared either as pap or we call here nsima or ugali ( i dont know its name in English, oh my God, let me think...) It is an african food where you boil water, until boiling point, and add millet flour until it hardens a bit. It can be eaten with broth or soup. ( I guess others reading here from Africa can add here).


  27. Hi Ush
    I emailed the company, they said for her age give 1/4 teaspoon twice a day and if she's sick and you are treating a specific illness give 1/2 teaspoon twice a day on an empty stomach.

    Ok that sounds like rice you are talking about, the American dish. I will try it! Thanks!

  28. Oh I forgot to ask you about Sorghum - i also purchased that as well. Do I prepare that the same way as well? Boil water and put in water until it hardens?

  29. On Moringa seeds or rather Moringa plant, can you visit this link please ?

  30. Yes Tami.
    sorghum same way. and I hope you have both of these in flour form not in the crude Sorghum and millet seeds.


  31. Ok thanks I will read the link you sent on Moringa. Oh no! I have seeds! What does that mean?

  32. oh ! seeds! I think we will need some help here. If I find one quicker than you do, I will post here.

    On a different note, what is your take on swollen feet?
    My Prettyface had a swell on her arm about two weeks ago. We initially thought perhaps she slept on it badly because it was swollen a bit around the ankle area.
    Of course, I got some Fastum Gel and did some massaging and the pain and swell went away.

    Now, yesterday, I hear, she did not attempt walking again !( I tell you!). She was just crawling while for the past 4-5 days she was all excited walking with all smiles!
    So upon checking her while giving her the evening bath, I noticed her left feet slightly swollen.
    Of course, my worried heart as usual went to 'the usuals' and i panicked a bit.
    I tried to make her stand, but she was cautious with the leg and she would kind of point the leg for me to touch/massage.

    Is this common?

    Today morning I dipped both legs in some warm water and did some massaging but it broke my heart a lil' bit because, as you saw yesterday, I was all giggles here, announcing on her walking milestone and now I find this a setback.

    I will appreciate some knowledge, sharing on this please.

    Thanks thanks

  33. Swollen hands or feet is called "Hand-Foot Syndrome" This swelling, often along with a fever, is caused by the sickle cells getting stuck in the blood vessels and blocking the flow of blood in and out of the hands and feet.

    Does she have a fever? I don't think she is swollen because she slept wrong. If she is acting like it hurts and can't stand on it, she may be having a pain crisis.

    The most common treatments for swelling in the hands and the feet are pain medicine and an increase in fluids. And yes, messaging can also help as well. I know from my experience sitting in warm water also helps but soon as you get out, you are back in pain again. You may have to give her pain meds if she seems like she's in pain.

    Do you have pain medicine at home?

    Do you live in an high altitude in your part of the country?

  34. She does not have any fever and she is the usual active self.
    Let me see how she fares tonight because apart from that she hasnt walked plus the expressed desire at times, to have me massaging the portion, she is a happy camper and the same foot is banged down and on bed poles mercilessly almost , in tandem with the 'sober' foot.

    Pain medicines that i have are Ibumex, Calpol and some paracetamol suppositories.But i havent used any recently as she was not thaaaaat cranky.

    Still searching on how to deal with 'our' sorghum and millet seeds/cereals.

    Best regards,

  35. That's great she doesn't have a fever, so that means no infection. Just sounds like she's having a pain crisis in her joints.
    Ok, Calpol and Paracetamol are the same as Tylenol in the US, which is not a strong pain medicine, it does help reduce fever

    Ibumex is the same as Ibuprofen in the US, this is also not a strong medicine for sickle cell pain.

    If she is having a pain crisis, these drugs won't be efficient in relieving sickle cell pain. When my son was having a pain crisis, he had to take Ibuprofen(Ibumex) and Hydrocodone to help with the pain. Just wanted you to be aware of that.

    My friend here said she cooked the seeds and it came out the same way, so I will try that and I will let you know how it turned out:-)

    Lastly, I found another online company that sells herbs and vitamins (yes, they have Nattokinase) just in the future if you want to check them out. They left me a message saying "when or if you order from them to make sure you change your country for your shipping address to Tanzania" which I have no idea what that means but I wanted to relay that message to you.

    Here is the website:

    Ok, I hope all is well with your daughter.

    Take care,

  36. Oh good Tami if you got some advice on how to tame our 'seeds'.
    Someone told me so too, that they can be cooked just like beans or maize.

    Thanks for the added advice on the need to beef up anti-pain management.
    Will try to see what Hydrocodone is equivalent to, as I have not heard about it in this end. May be just my naivity but most of the time if not all the time, I am prescribed Ibumex, Calpol and paracetamol.
    At one time they wanted to 'Hydroxurea' her but i was adamant as i thought it was a bit high( i stand corrected though).

    Last but not the least, thanks for the Nattokinase link. Will pursue.

    N.B: today we had our flu vaccination. She is doing fine and I managed to leave her at home and attend my office.

    Be blessed,

  37. Cool, thanks for the info on the seeds.

    Hydrocodone or codeine are in the narcotics group of drugs. When someone is having severe pain level 10 or above that's what they give. They prescribe it here in the US for when a child is having a really bad crisis.

    Please stay away from Hydroxyurea if you can, this drug has some really really bad side effects, even has been known to cause cancer and has been said can be fatal if taken long term. The thing about Hydroxyurea is the doctors say it suppose to help with sickle cell, so supposedly it's doing the same things that we are doing "naturally" the only difference Hydroxyurea comes with alot of horrible side effects read about them here:


    Once you get all the herbs you need, i think the only other one you will need is Nattokinase. Then you will have Liquid Chlorophyll, Nattokinase, Colostrum, along with the wonderful Africa staple foods and green leafy vegetables and fruit and staying hydrated. She will be just fine!

    Ok, have a blessed day at the office today!!!!

    Take Care

  38. I'm a 45 year old male with Sickle Cell Disease(SS) and look and feel great. I haven't been hospitalized for a crisis in 5 or 6 years and I rarely have small crisis at home and if I do, I take what ever pain pill I have in the house. I tribute my decent health with Sickle Cell by adhering to the following agenda, 1) I take a strong 100% food and herbal based multiple vitamin that you can't buy in stores, 2) I take extra Zinc and Magnesium, 3) I take something called Intestinal formula #1 and #2 to strip and clean all old fecal mater and drug residue (from pain pills) off the colon walls (keeping your colon and liver clean is very very very important), 4) I drink a gallon of water in 1-2 days and I drink raw milk (not that store brought crap), 5) I take a herbal liver cleanser and finally I walk a lot and exercise at a moderate tone. I also have a good diet.

  39. Thanks for sharing Benjamin, i'm glad you are doing great!!! My son is now 5 years old and has not had a crisis in 4 years. I know it's a wonderful feeling to understand what to do to prevent crisis... There are so many things that will help, there are hundreds of herbs out there to choose from and i'm just thankful we have educated ourselves to this point to know how to take care of our loved ones and most of all to prevent more pain and even death.... Take care,

    1. My Sister, you said you give your son Chlorophyll, what is that good for?

  40. Hi Benjamin! Liquid Chlorophyll is found in all the leafy green vegetables. Chlorophyll builds the red blood cells - increases oxygen and raises hemoglobin...

  41. Please help I had a six-year-old that for the past two months has had severe sickle cell crisis. Of course now the doctor is talking about Hydroxyure and which I'm totally against... I would rather have my daughter or natural herbs and vitamins .I'm so blessed that I came across this blog. Please help me and finding the right supplement and where to purchase items from!

  42. Hi Malika thanks for reading my blog
    What country are you located?

  43. Hi Nicole. My daughter has sickle cell SS. We live in the US. She is 6. She has never had a crisis. She is very healthy, we have only been to the hospital for high fever protocol. She has been using the folic acid a few years. I recently stopped giving it to her because I know folic acid is a synthetic vitamin and wanted to find other ways to meet the requirement. Is there a natural alternative to it (folate)? Is there a supplement I can give her that has the other B vitamins in it to keep her healthy? Is there any other vitamins you see as vital that I should give her? Your knowledge in this field is amazing. I try to take a holistic approach to medicine as well. Thanks for sharing.

  44. Hi and thanks for your message. Yes you are absolutely correct, folic is synthetic and if you want to give your child this you should choose folate this is the plant based and healthier kind for us to use. I would really really recommend giving her Even Flo or chlorophyll and I say this because of the fact she does have SS type and at any given moment, we never know how sickle cell will present itself in the body. To be on the safe side and make sure all basis are covered at all times this would be great supplements to add to her daily regimen. Now as far as the immune system goes, during the flu and cold season, I give my kids natural antibiotics to keep them healthy and keep their immune system strong to prevent them from getting sick. We do drink tea with turmeric and ginger, these are also great for the immune system as well. Thank you very much for your nice compliment. I've learned myself through trial and error and of course research and having holistic experts in my life! Please let me know if you have any more questions..

  45. Nicol hi. My son is 3 yrs old and he has ss what can you recommend for to give him. I had about the even flo i have had 2 transfusion in 4 month. Pls help

    1. Hello I am truly sorry for the delay I was not getting my messages from people I think the issue is fixed now! Ok your baby is going to be just fine... I really recommend ordering the even flo ASAP and starting him on that, even flo is all natural so don't worry there are no side effects .. where are you located?

  46. Hi I just found out that my two weeks old son have sickle cell I'm frekkin out please help

    1. Hi there please forgive me I was not receiving my messages through my blog and I truly apologize for the delay.. your baby should be about 4 months old now? His body is still ok normally the hemoglobin starts to drop after 6 months now if he hasn't had any issues you can start him on even flo when he turns 6 months --- even flo is all natural supplement that treats the root cause in sickle cell